The Impact Of International Health Disparities On The United States And Nigeria

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During my numerous trips to Nigeria to visit my extended family, I saw firsthand how international health disparities can affect communities. It is often challenging to make the highest standard of care available to all groups and individuals here, and I became increasingly motivated to devote myself to the mission of reducing health disparities in African countries. People in my family, regardless of societal class, suffered from various illnesses including HIV/AIDS, malaria, and polio because of poor access to quality healthcare services. My goal is to return to underserved communities in the United States and Nigeria after being armed with the training from the University of Michigan School of Information that will allow me make positive impacts on the lives of the people who are victims of inadequate healthcare systems.
One particular health disparity effect that I directly experienced on my trips to Nigeria involved access to healthcare. My parents told me about the time where I barely came back alive from my first trip to Nigeria as an infant. On this trip, I was having health complications and I spent almost a week not being able to retain the baby food that I was being fed at the time. My parents tried taking me to our village’s local pharmacy, but the workers there could not provide any answers on my condition.
My parents could not take me to a hospital because the nearest one to our village was too far away. As time went on, my condition continued to worsen to a…
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