The Impact Of International Trade Policy On New Zealand And Other Countries Essay

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International trade policy is an important part of how the word does business and there is the underlying question about how it should be done and what part the government should play not just in New Zealand but around the world. New Zealand is a country that has great trade policies, these trade policies help create a great reputation for being free flowing and business friendly. Trade policy is defined as the laws around the exchange or goods between countries. In this essay, I will begin by discussing trade policy as a whole, develop into further detail about the topic and talk about New Zealand’s approach. Continuing on I will discuss the role of a government in trade policy. Then finally with the information gathered from the first two parts of the essay I will finish with what I believe is the appropriate role the government should have in international trade policy in New Zealand and other countries. International trade policy has large economic benefits. I believe governments should encourage free trade with only some intervention in international trade policy as the trade is critical for helping grow a strong economy as desired, governments should intervene when necessary to protect a countries well-being.

Trade policy is a set of laws and regulations in regards to the exchange of goods and services between countries. Trade policy focuses on the taxes, tariffs and trade barriers implicated on imports and exports. These barriers are for the safety of the country
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