The Impact Of Internet On Children 's Lives

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The role of the internet in our children’s lives is ever increasingly significant and, for some, it is an important part of their being (Byron, 2008) Information and communication technologies (ICTs) are “widely considered to provide a wealth of positive educational, and cultural benefits” (Livingstone et al, 2011). The internet is ‘thoroughly embedded in children’s every day lives’ (Livingstone et al., 2011, p.1) and is becoming much more accessible through the growing contact with technologies such as smartphones and tablets. Olafason et al (2013) mentions how ‘the rapidity with which children are gaining access online is unprecedented in the history of technological innovation and diffusion.’ The advantages of the internet are widespread and offer huge varieties of platforms from which to learn and take positives from, such as: opportunities to communicate freely to people across the world of varying cultures and beliefs; an exciting environment that allows children to ‘satisfy their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness’ (Bower, 2013, p.39); search engines that allow access to almost every subject available; providing an information medium to support children’s home work (Livingstone and Bober, 2004 cited in Alzahrani 2014). Alongside these benefits however, do come risks as the evolving nature of technology means a steady flow of new and evolving threats to children (D’arcy, 2013). According to Oswell (1998), as cited in Cranmer et al (2009), these threats centre…
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