The Impact Of Internet On Information Privacy

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The internet has revolutionised humankind. It has allowed a level of communication that had never been experienced previously. The hosting and transfer of data (with its subsequent change into information after human interpretation), and the ability to do so from any device with an internet connection has altered almost every facet of human life. According to Antoun Nabhan, we “no longer ‘use’ (the internet) as much as we ‘live’ in it”.
However, the emergence of the internet has also brought unforeseen complications. One major complication is the changes it has wrought upon information privacy. This paper will examine the role the internet has played in regards to information privacy, and the impact these changes have had on society at large.
The term ‘information privacy’ is a complicated concept that has a variety of meanings. Roger Clarke asserts that it is “the interest an individual has in controlling, or at least, significantly influencing, the handling of data about themselves.” Techopedia’s definition of information privacy is “the privacy of personal information and usually relates to personal data stored on computer systems.” The Australian Law Reform Commission states that it “involves the establishment of rules governing the collection and handling of personal data.” As well as this, information privacy has also been classified as “data privacy” and “data protection”, often with the three terms being used interchangeably.
What all these definitions have in
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