The Impact Of Internet On Our Daily Lives

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The widespread use of internet in our daily lives has brought upon not just positive outcomes, but also negative outcomes an example being cybercrime. We find that the internet is the fastest growing technological infrastructure development in today’s modern world. This is evident due to the emergence of a digital platform trend. The increasing demand of the internet and computers has led to the adoption of computer technology into products that initially used to perform without the use of either. Examples are buildings, vehicles and even trains. ICT in general has been embraced in almost everything from the military to transportation to sales, name it. The introduction of ICT into many of our daily life happenings has acted as a complementing factor in this modern world. Taking an example of technical development in this sector has seen the world go into an ease in the banking sector, online banking is now available, shopping online, telephone services just to mention, but a few. However, with every pro there is a con. The growth of ICT is usually accompanied by serious threats. Since then essential services in most of the countries have operated via the ICT platform, attacks are prone to happen since there is a loophole of threat creation. Introduction What is cybercrime? Generally cybercrime refers to crime that is conducted via the internet portal or with the use of another computer network. Criminal activities that may be categorized as cybercrime may
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