The Impact Of Internet On Our Society

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The onset of the internet has caused a great impact on the society. Many social changes have occurred as a result of the vast availability of information brought about by technological advancement. For instance, one cannot sit still for even one hour reading a book before being distracted by the familiar screen of a smart phone. How we think and communicate has changed considerably from the onset of the internet which has been further increased by the arrival of social media platforms. Effects caused by these technologies on how we communicate and are now debated globally. This paper seeks to explore several aspects of how we communicate using these technologies and their effects on our communication patterns and behaviors (Scott & Scott, 2011).
It is clear now that the internet has greatly impacted our society. Of particular interest is Facebook which is at the moment arguably the most popular social networking platform world over. Has it affected the way we speak or write? How has it changed the way we behave?
Humans have always been social creatures and have always socialized, networked and communicated. Therefore, Facebook did not bring a new service but made these activities more assessable. We can now socialize, communicate and network without leaving our living rooms. Social media has become a fundamental part of our everyday lives; we use Facebook to find new friends with similar interests, find and share favorite clothes and food brands on blogs. It gives us
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