The Impact Of Internet On The Business Field

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In the period of 2016, it is not possible to under rate the power of internet. It is part of everything and even should not be ignored in business field. It is not easy for businesses to survive without having any internet strategy behind them. At this time of internet development, all business should adapt to internet for gaining chances of getting more popular, visible and therefore generating more revenue. Various marketing activities can be carried out with help of the internet apart from just introducing it into market. When marketing is done on internet, it is known as online marketing which itself has turned into huge form of business which promotes different products and services with help of internet. This kind of marketing has…show more content…
E-commerce does not include high infrastructure cost as everything is sold online, both buyer and seller can use their online services and save their time. It can be said that success of shopping sites actually depends on users finding the relevant sites (Jansen, 2007). I. SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING A. Definition Search Engine Marketing (SEM) have become one of potential and economic way of online marketing which is enabled by use of search engines. SEM has become inseparable share of online marketing but not all businesses take benefit from it. For ex: In Finland where people are one of the most active users of google, the amount of SEM getting used is below 10%. This fact symbolize that this type of online marketing has still got a great potential. Therefore, it becomes much important for businesses to realize the use of search engines to sell their products and services online (Kaukoranta, 2015). One of recent reports by SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization), United States and Canada spent $4.1 billion on SEM programs in 2013 and this figure is expected to increase to about $8 billion by 2017. If compared to past, traffic of online searches through search engines continued to grow at 10-20 % on annual basis. As the dependence is increasing on search engines, it becomes important for online businesses to develop various
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