The Impact Of Internet On The Internet

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The amount of revenue the Internet brings in a single year is has drastically increased in the past couple years and it will exponentially keep growing as the years go by. As people use the World Wide Web more and more, they look for ways to profit off of it by having advertisements and other types of promotion. Sites specifically made for people’s inputs run solely on how many active users are on the site. For example, YouTube and Facebook were made to have people post whatever one wants to upload and it has grown so big because of the sheer amount of people on at a time. As stated by Los Angeles Times, it has been reported that YouTube’s revenue would expand to about $5.9 billion which is a 50% growth from 2012 (Faughnder). This mass …show more content…
The creation of online shopping not only helped the consumers, but it also helped the sellers who would like to start a business without needing all the effort and capital to start a full one. People have access to popular sites where they can sell products and make profits by it. Sites like Amazon and Ebay are used for easy access and used for companies, businesses, and regular consumers. According to William Hague, "Nothing would be more fatal or self-defeating than the heavy hand of state control on the internet, which only thrives because of the talent of individuals and of industry within an open market for ideas and innovation” (qtd. in Hopkins). By censoring the Internet, the government can eliminate the ability for the people to have an open market online, a place where people buy and sell with convenience. Having an open market allows sites like Amazon and Ebay to exist, an open source for anyone to sell products. The government must not censor or regulate the Internet otherwise they are destroying a portion of the country’s economy. Instead of censoring, the governments should put extra protection when it comes to buying and selling in order to protect the people from scammers and account theft. A simple solution should not be taken to an extreme approach which would rather hurt the people by censoring the Internet. After all, as the human race is advancing towards the future, the technology should
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