The Impact Of Internet On The Way We Do Business?

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What has been the impact, positive and negative, of the Internet on the way we do business?
Internet is defined as a global system of interconnected computer systems. The internet, as we see today, allows anyone to communicate with any other person anywhere around the world without any effort or effective cost anonymously. The advance in technology of Internet has led to faster communications. For example the change of dependency from postal service to much faster e-mails, online banking, social networking etc. Everything is now at our fingertips. We can now sit at the comfort of our homes and do certain tasks which were earlier time consuming. Today business has easier global access due to Internet. It is cost-effective and almost all the functions can be automated to make it easier and faster. Even communication has become cheaper and faster. But as Dr.Leonard Kleinrock stated, these benefits are a perfect combination to do bad things on the Internet. Further, the internet was built with an idea of an open access where ideas can be shared freely. But this feature that is built on trust can be easily misused. I agree with this statement of his, cyber security is still an important issue. As reported by the New York Times (Feb 5,2015) , Primera Blue Cross, a health insurance based company based in Washington State, where the hackers gained access to the computers on May 5, 2015, and the breach was not discovered until Jan 29, 2015. The breach could have exposed members '
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