The Impact Of Internet On The World Wide Web

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Globally, the estimate for Internet users in 2016 comes to around 46.1 percent, a three percent increase from 2015 (“Internet Users in the World,” Internet Live Stats). In a world where almost half of the population has Internet most people cannot imagine their lives without constant access to news sources. In this, different platforms that involve the sharing of information include: physical newspaper, online news sources, Facebook, and other social media platforms. The sharing of news stories among society through these different platforms allows larger communities to stay up-to-date with local, national, and even global events. Being knowledgeable about current events through the World Wide Web is easier through the advances made…show more content…
Overall, tying all concepts together to understand the impact in which proximity and immediacy have on society through mobile newspapers. Use of Mobile Devices The increasing accessibility of news events and stories by way of the Internet and online sources within society grew rapidly within the last decade. In a worldwide study done by the ITU Telecommunication Development Bureau (2015) the company recorded over 7 billion cellular subscriptions, in addition to around 3.2 billion people using the Internet (“The World in 2015: ICT Facts and Figures”). The results of ITU’s study of information and communications technology illustrate the large population using the Internet and cellular devices. In this, the increase of usage of devices such as mobile phones and laptops has called for the development of mobile news sources. Manuel Goyanes (2015) examines the willingness of the population to pay for online news subscriptions in his study. He discusses the challenges that “new” media, particularly digital poses on print newspapers (Goyanes, 2015, p. 1505). New digital media era, which includes online newspapers and mobile applications, has increasingly become a crucial source for relaying information to society. Due to these challenges, many major news outlets have been forced to create online newspapers that mimic their
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