The Impact Of Internet On The World Wide Web

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Since the invention of the internet via the World Wide Web (WWW) in the 1990s, numerous communication methods among individuals have improved. Friends, families, acquaintances have the capability to interact and connect at no charge disregarding of their locations as a result of the Computer-Mediated-Communication (CMC). With the improvement of the social media platforms such as Twitter, Myspace, Facebook, IM, Instagram and LinkedIn, youths have become hooked to online socialization. They have been attracted to access and use this technology as frequent as possible; the majority of them devote three-quarters of their time chatting and browsing, which results to the abandonment of other roles and duties. Youth text, skype, chat, and listen to songs through their devices, even while they study or carry out other significant activities. With no control on the level of social media consumption, several social and health effects can be experienced among the young. This paper, therefore, discusses these impacts on the youths in details. Interference with the Social Ties and Interaction Abilities Having social ties involves strengthening the relationship amongst individuals through emotional or physical connections as individuals interact. As individuals have a face to face conversation, they have the capability of improving their social ties with the existence of both verbal and non-verbal cues (Mastrodicasa & Metellus, 2013). Social media, however, inhibits this form of
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