The Impact Of Jim Casy In The Grapes Of Wrath

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Essay #2 Is your soul missing? Well Jim Casy knows where it is at. In The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck the readers see the effect that bad weather and greed has on poor hardworking farmers. Many important characters will be influenced by the sense of community created by the exodus to California as they forced to look for work after the Dust Bowl destroyed their land. Jim Casy has a huge impact on the story creating his own philosophy of one big soul. Casy is shown to be a very complex character displaying great wisdom, selflessness, and growth. The great wisdom shown by Casy is different from the type that is gained through age or experience. Casy while out in the wilderness began to think about the bad things he had dune while he was still a preacher. After seeing Tom Casy tells him about how he slept with women while still a preacher and felt guilty until he realized “Maybe it’s just the way folks is” (Steinbeck 80). What Casy came to believe was that there was no such thing as sin and in way maybe people just enjoyed hurting themselves. Essentially Casy stopped blaming himself for any wrong doing while other characters blamed themselves for something they could not control. An example of this was Tom’s mom who was worried about how Tom would “ever find [her]” (Steinbeck 107). Tom’s mom felt guilty of simply leaving without telling Tom but Casy understood that there was nothing wrong in doing something bad since it was just human nature and not a form of sin.
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