The Impact Of Job Enrichment On Motivation And Communication

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The following case analysis is derived from an article that examines the realignment of the Health Information Services (HIS) Departments when new technology or changes have to be implemented. My case analysis will involve answering four questions. How are the principles of goal setting applied in the case? How are the principles of job enrichment applied in this case? What were the outcomes of job enrichment in the HIS Departments? What was the impact of job enrichment on motivation and communication in the HIS department? The first thing we will examine if the principle of goal setting and how it is applied is this case. Goals give an organization a vision and a direction in which to move. Goals setting by organizations can lead…show more content…
It is not a technique that can be uniformly used throughout an organization or department. In order for job enrichment to be effective, leaders have to understand the employees that are under them. Just as there are benefits to using job enrichment, there are also risks associated with it. The benefits are the desired outcomes that the HIS Department is looking to achieve when implementing such a technique. Monotony is something that job enrichment can combat because there are added task, responsibility and accountability. The offset of monotony is believe to be a common motivator; however, in the HIS Department the addition of more task, more responsibility, and more accountability can lead to more stress (Layman, 2011). More stress is the result because their chief complaint is work overload. Another set of common problem that can be combated with job enrichment is boredom, careless errors, tardiness, absenteeism, and low moral. There are plenty of risks to balance when trying to offset these problems. One risk is overload which is already a complaint of many employees. Another risk to balance is the concern of the Human Resources (HR) Department about pay grade (Layman, 2011). With added task and responsibility comes the question of a higher pay grade. It is the job of the HR Department to oversee the pay grade of the organization. An even bigger risk may be a concern about licensing and credentialing. Adding tasks to a job that requires additional
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