The Impact Of Leadership On Creativity

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Topics in Administrative Leadership In this paper I explore two topics related to administrative leadership. The first topic that I examine is the impact of leadership on creativity. The second topic that I will explore is how administrative leadership impacts the implementation of technology in an organization. I seek to look at the research and suggest ways that these topics can be expanded.
Leadership and Creativity Zubair and Kamal (2015) examine the impact of leadership on employee creativity. Zubiar and Kamal (2015) examine a specific type of administrative leadership labeled authentic leadership. The idea of authentic leadership arose from the transformational, ethical, and charismatic leadership approaches. “The major attributes
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Zubair and Kamal (2015) note the importance of leadership in the operation of banks. They subsequently discuss the importance of creativity in software companies. They examine the relationship between leadership and creativity among banks and software company employees.
In order to measure authentic leadership employees were given a questionnaire. Employees assessed four major traits among their bosses: hope, self efficacy, resilience, and optimism. Employees were also given a 13 point scale to measure their own creativity in the workplace. The study confirmed that authentic leadership characteristics are linked to creativity.
The authors suggest that authentic leadership can be enhanced by putting employees in situations where they have more decision making capabilities. “Employees would be stimulated to engage in problem-solving decisions, both in finding solutions to the difficult problems by using existing knowledge and developing new solutions to problems” (Zubair and Kamal, 2015, p. 164). This paper confirms that leaders that foster a positive psychological environment create an atmosphere where employees are able to be more creative.
Administrative Leadership Hughes & Zachariah (2001) note that the use of technology to enhance student performances is growing. As technology is being viewed as instrumental to student success, education organizations are in
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