The Impact Of Leadership On The Marketing Performance Of The Business

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In a firm’s performance, leadership plays a very important role for its survival (Asghar 2011). Leaders in the organisation play a very crucial role in the marketing decision making process as well as in the adoption of the marketing strategies for the company in order to market the products and services of the business (Timothy 2011; Jaroslav 2013). The restrictive executive choice of leadership helps companies to achieve outcomes related to environmental, legal, organisational and other constraints. Leadership plays a symbolic and substantive role in overall firms’ performance. In relation to impact of leadership on the marketing performance of the companies, a hypothesis is developed for the given paper as follows; Whether, the leadership practices play a crucial role in enhancing the marketing performance of firms or not? In order to address this hypothesis, examples of several firms have been taken from the Business Review Weekly List of 2013 companies. From this list, top, middle and bottom ranked companies are selected to evaluate impact of leadership on their marketing performance.
Role of Leadership in Marketing Performance of Companies
In today’s scenario, the success of various companies for the best marketing performance in the market is admired due to leaders act as a role model in that companies. In these companies the leaders are the assets and accepted due to their balanced ethical behavior. In case of marketing performance of the company, the leaders have…
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