The Impact Of Mainstream Media On Today 's Audience

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Most Americans are informed about current events happening within or outside of the country by listening to news networks on television. News networks do share similarities between one another, but they have some major differences on how they report or cover events. When covering events or topics, new networks tend to be biased. They have always been biased, but never to this extent before. Mainstream media plays a huge influence on today’s audience and influences choices made when it comes to important decision making such as voting for the next President. Most Americans don’t look up important topics and decide who or what to vote for. They get most of their information from mainstream news networks such as CNN, CBS, NBC, and Vice News. Most of these major news networks that I listed show some form of liberal bias. What is liberal bias? How can we document this liberal bias so that we can help others identify it when they see? Could it possibly lead to less people being influenced by extremely bias media coverage so that they understand both sides of a specified topic which could lead them to form their own opinions on the subject? In order to identify liberal bias, we first need to know what it means. According to, liberal bias is “the partisan selection or distortion of information to support liberal policies” (Conservapedia). Information about a topic can be skewed to match political views or policies by news networks, schools, professors, and
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