The Impact Of Marketing On The Marketing Sector Upon Graduation

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In my current degree I have found the Marketing module most interesting, it explores the role of marketing in current economic trend and how it could be a crucial factor in regard of consumer spending. Developing plans and strategies for marketing has been more challenging than ever, I find the social media marketing particularly interesting as people spend many hours on social media platform; the mechanics involved can provide a in depth explanation as to the consumer culture and spending trend. In a free economy resources are allocated by the interaction of demand and supply, marketing activities provide the framework and mechanisms for this interaction activity; it also serves an essential function in an economic system. (Frederick,…show more content…
Hence if I were to investigate this topic further I would focus my research in this aspect and my principal research question will be “How social media and digital marketing reformed the culture of traditional marketing?” There are limited paper who has investigate to the same or similar purpose, for instance the work of Vinerean in 2013 has explored the effects of social media marketing instead of how the norm of social media marketing reforms the culture of the marketing industry. (Vinerean, 2013) As to a more similar research paper, Bashar in 2012 has provided a more identical approach, but again, it focuses on the aspect of using marketing as the tool and medium for stimulating sales, and whether social media is an effective way to promote a product and services, which differs from the research question I mentioned above. (Bashar, 2012) Moreover, many researches and investigations in this field are done decades ago, for example the work by Frederick in 1992, Harrison-Walker in 2002 and Henderson in 1984; which may suggest the data used may already be out of trend and not valid to apply on todays’ market structure. Also social media was not as popular back then; therefore these papers have very limited exploration between marketing and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. (Moore, 2007)
A key to a valid and reliable research includes various sources and forms of data. As to research more in depth
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