The Impact Of Marketing On The World With Hyper Competition

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Globalization and the world with hyper competition, all types of business need strategies to move forward and survive. Management of finance, cost, transactions, and marketing are all needed. But with this we also need customers to be managed and to be take care of. The nature of customers is the same but the nature of a seller is slightly different, in both sectors: B2B and B2C. Attitude and behavior is considered. CRM is software which has helped many organizations achieve competitive advantage and make better relations with customers. B2C and B2B sectors are taking advantage of this software. The report shows the differences of the sectors and also how they can implement it with different tactics. The importance of
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CRM software applications support the automation of these processes and best practices.”

CRM consists of some prominent features according to Margaret Rouse:
1. Identify the best key customers and then target them with further offerings. Not only has this but also helps in making quality service by the CRM team.
2. It makes communication very easy. For example when a customer has all his information saved in the CRM software, hence whenever he calls for a delivery all information of his will be displayed like address, mobile number etc. The delivery team will not waste time on asking such questions he would rather pay attention to the service.
3. CRM helps in achieving customer satisfaction
4. A strong relation can be built and also this information can be passed on to the distributors to make them aware of their customers needs.

Jay Ivey has explained what CRM software basically has:
1. customer data management
2. Interaction can traced on phone, internet etc.
3. The workflow process cannot be stopped. For example if any task is completed it will be deleted automatically and if any task pending it will remind us on and off
4. Reminders and alerts of new entries and any left from the organization.
Appropriate CRM software helps in managing the sales process easily. If it fits your industry it can help in solving problems and even avoid problems in the future. Revenues san also boost up.


B2c is that type of business

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