The Impact Of Meals Breakfast Program ( Sbp )

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What is the impact of providing breakfast in the classroom?
“The School Breakfast Program (SBP) was established in 1966 as a two-year pilot project designed to provide categorical grants to assist schools serving breakfasts to nutritionally needy children” (United States Department of Agricutlure Food and Nutrition Program, 2013). It served over 80,000 for $573,000 in its first year, and now the federally funded program funds 89,000 schools and institutions to provide meal programs. In 2012, ten million children received free or reduced priced breakfasts with over 12.9 million children participating daily which costs over $3.3 billion (United States Department of Agricutlure Food and Nutrition Program, 2013).
My school, El Puente High School, was founded in 1997 by Rebecca Mitteness-Wendel, John Surges, Cindy Zautcke, and me as a partnership school with the Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) serving at-risk youth residing in the city of Milwaukee. Partnership schools are special to the city of Milwaukee since the ‘80s to serve the high number of at-risk students under the State Statute 118.53. El Puente High School is a subsidiary of TransCenter for Youth, Inc. which is a non-profit agency serving the educational needs of students with four other schools: Shalom High School, Northwest Opportunities Vocational Academy (NOVA), Escuela Verde, and NOVA Tech. Shalom and NOVA are partnership schools with the MPS; NOVA Tech is a non-instrumentality charter school with MPS; and
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