The Impact Of Media On A Business Essay

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very important to a business is the suppliers. Supplies provide organizations with training play a very critical role in attaining a competitive edge. In case a business the materials that they require so that they run their activities effectively (Cheese 2007). The way a supplier behaves tends to have a direct impact on the business. For instance, in a situation where the supplier provides poor services, it affects the quality of the products. It is, consequently, very vital to maintain a close relationship with the suppliers so as to remain secure and competitive. As businesses require investment to grow, they introduce shareholders in the company to invest their money in the organization (Damlin, Dietersdóttir, Fornander, Brykt, Polyantseva &Sundquist 2013). Shareholders bring pressure to an organization; this is mostly because they require a profit from the money they invested. It is, therefore, essential to manage the relationship with the shareholders as well. Media is another key micro-environment force that affects a business. Negative media attention can break an organization while, on the other hand, positive media attention can build an organization. Qantas needs to unify with the media so that the media can play a role in the promotion of its products. It is also vital to ensure that the organization is able to offer benefits that are much better than those presented by their competitors. Having a unique business selling point is also very important.

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