The Impact Of Media On Child Abuse

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As discussed previously, a lot of attention is put on the perpetrator instead of the victim. For example, in a study by Cheit (2003) newspaper coverage was also analyzed. The study focused on examining those who were charged with child molestation and received newspaper coverage and then further examining the nature of that coverage. With a sample size of 192 defendants, Cheit (2003) found that while 56.1% of the defendants were not mentioned in the newspaper at all while 28.8% of the defendants received news coverage. Those defendants that received media attention were only due to the fact that their crimes were considered extremely monstrous and unusual that resulted in the crime being “newsworthy.” (Cheit, Ross E.; 2003). It is clear to see that the media picks certain child abuse cases to discuss because some cases are more heinous than others which will ultimately receive more public out cry and cause more moral panic resulting in more headlines of news corporations. It seems to be more about the money and views then addressing the important issues at hand. The media sensationalizes child abuse rather than the consequences of the crime on the victim. The media adores some cases of child abuse due to the reality that striking elements can generate stories that draw great media attention. Humans are drawn to the most atrocious crimes but rarely put in any effort to solve them. Cheit (2003), Dorfman (2011), and Wilczynski & Sinclair (1999) also all found that the press

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