The Impact Of Media On Children 's Life

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Introduction Socialisation is the process an individual experiences to become a unique individual and an active member of society. Through socialisation, individuals accept and acquire beliefs, roles, motives, values and behaviours. The process of socialisation is influenced by many factors including: family, school, peers, location and the media. The impact the media has on socialisation, particularly in Western countries, is immense, as it has the ability to influence ideas, opinions, attitudes and images to many people. The media is a macro agent in socialisation, as it presents people with ideas and generalised views of society from beyond their micro worlds. Family is another important agent of socialisation, as for most children, their family is responsible for their initial socialisation process. Families have a major and long lasting effect on children 's lives. The home and the family is the first environment of learning for the child, where a child’s first acquisition of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values begins. School is another important agent of socialisation. The official purpose of school is to teach knowledge and life skills. However, students don 't just learn from the academic curriculum. In school, we also learn skills to prepare us to become functional members of society. The focus of this report is to compare how the agents of socialisation have changed over time. The primary research conducted was a survey and an interview of people from varied
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