The Impact Of Media On Social Media

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Technology in the 21st century is making vast enhancements on information sharing, especially among the millennial generation. The most common form of information sharing occurs in social media. Social media sites like Facebook provides users with an editable profile that incorporates pictures, personal information, the ability to share articles, express thoughts and opinions, all in an effort to best describe the user’s identity. Facebook differs from other social media sites because of its transformation from text-based descriptions of a user’s identity to a photographical representation of a user’s identity, creating the cognition for self-presentation. Many factors can influence a user’s self-presentation, one of which is the institutional culture to which one belongs. Institutions can pressure users to conform to cultural norms that could affect the level of conservatism of a user’s self-presentation. Despite the prevalence of this topic, little known research has analyzed the professionalism of Facebook profile photographs. The goal of our study is to explore the effect of institutional culture on the professional content displayed in a Facebook user’s profile picture, as well as how this content differs by gender. Doing so will expand on the existing knowledge surrounding social media and its use to display oneself with respect to how associating with different groups affects self-presentation. When searching for a user on Facebook, the first thing that appears is

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