The Impact Of Media On Society And Culture

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Human beings are social creatures and they learn to socialize with others so they can feel a part of society. Through socialization people try and conform to the standards that come with being functioning members of society and fitting to the status quo. Besides interacting with others, we learn about the culture we live in. Culture teaches people the norms, the values, and what to believe in. The last influence that associates both society and culture is the media. Media has made a huge impact in the way people receive information, the kinds of programs they are exposed to, and the way we communicate with others. All of these influences are interpreted in both films “Miss Representation” and “The Mask You Live In.” Both films tackle and discuss the root of the problem as well as how it plagues our youth and the kind of future we will have.
The film “Miss Representation” argues that the mass media industry impacts the way men, as well as women on how they are supposed to be represented in society. For example, many Americans spend numerous hours watching television. As commercials pop up, advertisers send subliminal messages so they can try to sell their products and gain the viewer’s attention.
For men, advertisers target ages 18 to 34 because it’s harder to get them to watch television, so they encourage the networkers to come up with programming for men so they can sell their products to them. On the other hand, women like to watch television, so advertisers
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