The Impact Of Media On Society 's Society

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Introduction: Media has played an instrumental role in shaping society especially Canadian society. There are many types of stream in media that has allowed Canadians to have a sense of closeness with their community and the country. A type of media that exemplifies this is the news. The news plays a crucial role informing the public about certain events that are happening around individuals’ lives and how these types of news are affecting them. In addition to that, the news also provides an entertainment purpose, which sometimes allows individuals to use as way to distract themselves with what is happening in their lives, but most importantly news allows individuals to feel connected to what is happening around them. News plays a…show more content…
Media specifically plays an instrumental role in shaping democratic society by influencing engagement. Even today with changes to modern technological advancement it is clear that local media is changing from traditional to non-traditional media in order to engage with the younger generation similarly in politics. For example, in 2007 a Canada Online survey provided a comprehensive and up to date description of the media habits of Canadians. “According to Zamaria and Fletcher (2008), the 2007 telephone survey conducted with 3150 Canadians 12 years and older reveals that ‘‘the Internet, technology and traditional media continue to be extremely important in the everyday lives of a majority of Canadians’’ (5). The key findings from the study are that traditional media use is very high; 95% of respondents reported watching the television, 86% listen to the radio, and 78% read newspapers (118). Television dominates these in time spent using the media. Respondents indicated spending more than 10 h/week watching television, but only 8.5 h/week listening to the radio and a mere 2.6 h/week reading the newspaper” (O’Neill, 2010). The evidence presented here demonstrates that Canadian consume retaining information for advance technology such as Internet as the younger generation use this type

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