The Impact Of Media On The Media

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In today’s digital-based world of smartphones, wifi, and screens in every room, it is hard to deny that people are impacted by the media around them. People are constantly exposed to digital media that affects the way they view the world, their society and themselves. While the constant exposure to media can sometimes lead to positive effects on people, this is not typically the case. Today’s TV programs, video games and other media have caused rigid gender stereotypes in society. Masculinity and femininity are defined by the entertainers and athletes people are constantly seeing on their TVs, computers and phones. The impact of this is most prominent for children. For young people who are constantly learning from their surroundings, their exposure to media affects their understanding of each gender. This leads to skewed perceptions of themselves and others, causing self-esteem issues from a young age. The distortion of children’s understanding of gender norms due to media is more prevalent now than ever. The amount of access children have to media is increasing every year and according to Roger Levesque, a criminal justice professor who has recently conducted research on children and media, 98% of children have at least one TV set at home, 72 % have a computer, 67% have a video game player and 88% of teens have or have access to cell phones or smartphones. (Levesque 56). With these high numbers that will only continue to grow, it is inevitable that children are going

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