The Impact Of Media On The Media

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As we all know that there so many changes which have occur in Media world. From Radio to tv,from balck and white tv we have switched on to colour tv and etc.Apart from all these these changes the major change which took place in our media over the years is on the contents of our programmes of our channels.This article is also about ‘COMPARISIONS,CHANGES AND DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CONTENT OF DOORDARSHAN AND LATEST CHANNELS’.

1.Description of doordarshan
2.Shows of doordarshan
3.Arise of other channels(Star plus,Zeetv etc)
5.Comparisions And Differences
Doordarshan started with an telecast experimenting in Delhi on 15 Sept.1959, with a makeshift studio and small transmitter and the daily transmission started in 1965 as a part of AIR. Doordarshan starts a 5 min. news bulletin in same year only in 1965.The first newsreader was Pratima Puri. Salma sultan had joined doordarshan in 1967 and then later became an news anchor. In 1972 the television service extended to Mumbai and Amritsar. Till 1975, only 7 Indian cities had a television service.And doordarshan remained the only provider of television in India.On 1april 1976 T.v services got separated from radio.Under the management of two separate director generals in New Delhi offices of AIR and doordarshan were placed.

In 1982 National telecasts were introduced. Colour tv was introduced to india in the same year.With live telecast of Independence Day speech by then p.m Indra gandhi on 15

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