The Impact Of Media On The Media

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The Life that is My Media Media according to is defined as “the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people”. While the definition is correct at the same time it fails to recognize another form, which is social media sites on the Internet. An unprecedented amount of technology uses as tools of influence to convince citizens to purchase and consume on a regular basis with a usual pitch that if one does not than life suddenly becomes accustomed. The techniques that are used to draw consumers in are both blatant and subliminal in the messages that are being sent for a variety of reasons. Media is a part of everyday life for us humans now and now this shall be examined using myself with news, consumer products, and social media sites. I open the “New York Times” online on September 13th and see two distinct subjects that are making the front page and those two things are ISIS and the Ebola virus outbreak that is in Liberia. This is a large world with a lot of news, but I am exposed to those two and how am I affected by it? First the ISIS news does promote in me a sense of concern for safety of others while the second news promotes anxiety in myself as someone who has a touch of a hypochondriac. Not only will I see this online, but also if I turn on the TV and go to CNN or FOX or if I check an actual newspaper. Logically I make the assumption that
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