The Impact Of Media On The Media

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Raced: The Causes Behind the Misrepresentation of Blacks in the Media Mammies to nannies, bucks to thugs and deadbeats, servants to crooks in positions of power: this is the evolution of Black images in the media. Although in more recent years, it seems that film and television representation has evolved for the better, there are always messages that are not positive being subliminally sent through to the viewing audience. Regarding this, movie and television show characters are not the only representations in the media. In fact, what is possibly the most influential source of media representation is the news. While fictional characters in films may allow the viewer to use discretion, the news is a source that is seen as unaltered reality. Thus, these negative portrayals have a heavier influence on those who consume them. Studies have shown that if a scenario depicted on television feels closer to reality then the viewer is more likely to believe it (Shapiro, Chock, 2004). Research indicates that while most roles are negative, Blacks who watch television prefer that roles represent them in a stereotypical role as opposed to a counterstereotypical one. This is a result of what they experience day to day in the real world: situations that pressure them to conform opposite of who they really are. While there are more Black roles in television, the amount is still slim. In relation to the roles that have increased, more concern has arisen due to the majority of them remaining…

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