The Impact Of Media On The Media

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It seems that the cultural landscape is ever changing and evolving. Issues that were rarely discussed in media are now at the frontline of our media coverage, such as police brutality, racial disparity and immigration reform. Everything from political party preference to the increasing diversity of race and sexual orientation in each generation has an effect on the values portrayed in media. The value of each new generation effects how the media shapes itself to market to that general public. In order to understand the fluidity of the media, it is important to examine the change in the landscape of media, and how it has adapted to meet each generations needs. Though many generations feel that the developments of social media has caused a sort of “digital divide,” many argue that media itself has caused this misconception through images that, “pokes fun at parents and grandparents trying to understand the means of Twitter and Facebook as young children sit playing games on their iPad (Warrington).” Warrington, with The Collegian, argues that though there may be a slight divide between generations, this can only be expected with such advances in our access to media, and the younger generation is always the first to adapt to new media. For instance, in the 1940’s and 50’s, many radio programs, such as The Lone Ranger and Tom Mix, were marketed towards the “Silent Generation,” who had adapted to this technology much easier than their parents and grandparents (

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