The Impact Of Media On The Upbringing Of Society

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Brief Introduction
Media today play a major role in the upbringing of society. Whether it is via music, television shows, movies, or social sites, they all play a part in the manner in which we learn and deal with issues in society. In my paper, I will share my interpretation on the new television hit series, Empire. Empire is an FOX Production television series that first appeared on January 7, 2015. It centers on Lucious Lyon, who operates his own hip hop and entertainment company. Prior to establishing his company, Lucious and his ex-wife Cookie Lyon were drug dealers, until Cookie went to jail on drug charges. After being diagnosed with ALS, Lucious Lyon was determined to mentor one of his sons; Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem, with the intentions of having one of them continue the family’s legacy.
However, Lucious showed more interest in his son Hakeem, who is a rapper, and thought that he would be the best person to operate the company. His son Andre also suffered from bipolar disorder and was not musically talented but had the most experience running the company. However, he was not considered a great candidate. Jamal was his least favorite son for running the business. This is because Jamal is gay and Luscious vows that a gay man will not run his company. Empire is associated with various social class themes that I can highlight in my paper, but the topic I am addressing is Sex Discrimination. Treating someone unfairly or less favorably because of their…

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