The Impact Of Media On Young Children

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1 Turcotte Kelli Turcotte Professor Austin English 1411 22 October 2015 The Impact of Media on Young Children Every parent knows that screen time can be a busy parent?s handy tool. Parents are juggling work, household responsibilities, and child rearing among countless other commitments. Every parent gets stressed or overwhelmed from time to time and needs a few minutes to tend to a task or catch their breath. Even the most well intentioned parent in this situation is tempted to put their child in front of some kind of electronic media, and most will succumb to the temptation. The electronic babysitter is an effective way to occupy an otherwise demanding child, giving a busy parent time to finish dinner or put laundry away. Parents have more than enough to worry about raising kids is our increasingly complex world, and television offered them a seemingly harmless opportunity to let something else entertain their children. Unfortunately, this convenience is coming at a very high cost. Media exposure is harming infants and toddlers in ways that parents seem not to realize, having a negative impact on language, cognitive and emotional development. Despite warnings about media exposure and young children, parents continue to choose to expose them to media and seem unaware of the potential damage they are doing. These are normal, well-intentioned parents from every part of society and every income bracket. When it comes to media use and young children, parents turn a
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