The Impact Of Medicaid Expansion On Pregnant Mothers And Their Newborn Children

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This research papers purpose was to assess the impact of Medicaid expansion on pregnant mothers and their newborn children. Issues explored were the history Medicaid, current perceptions regarding the program and its recipients, the benefits of Medicaid and the reasons that some states have chosen to opt out of the expansion. The methodology used for this study was to research peer reviewed articles and journals to determine the positive and negative effects of Medicaid expansion and compare data from states that have implemented program expansion to those states that have chosen to abstain. Information was gathered from all stages of development from conception, to school age children. When comparing the potential advantages and costs of Medicaid expansion the research findings indicate a substantial benefit regarding access to care, prenatal and postnatal services for mothers with Medicaid as compared to those mothers without insurance. Although Medicaid insurance and benefits are costly, research data indicated that providing these services can result in a significant savings by offering preventative screening and by avoiding the utilization of expensive emergency services. Additionally, research indicated that Medicaid recipients reported better rates of health care satisfaction and wellbeing than those who were uninsured. Introduction Medicaid is a health, safety net program that was enacted to provide health care coverage to qualifying members of the

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