The Impact Of Mergers And Acquisition: Upon Profability

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Cairo University
Faculty of commerce
Business Administration Department

“The Impact of Merging and Acquisition Upon profitability “

Tahany AbdElzaher Mohamed

Under supervision

Dr: AhmedFahamyGalal

Table of Content
Pages Content 1.General Back ground 1. History of Mergers & Acquisitions wave 2.The Past merger and acquisition in pharmaceutical company 3.Definition of Mergers and Acquisitions 4.Restrictions and risk in mergers and acquisitions 5. Types of Mergers & Acquisitions 6. The Reasons for Mergers & Acquisitions 6.1Economies of scale 6.2 Economies of scope 6.3Economies of vertical integration 6.4Shareholder Gains 7. The Importance of Mergers and Acquisitions 8.The Reasons behind Mergers and Acquisitions 9.Motives for Mergers and Acquisitions 10.Reasons of Failure 10.1Flawed Strategy and Objective Clarity 10.2 Cultural differences 10.3Lack of Experience and Knowledge 10.4 Over-optimism 10.5External Environment
Chapter 2: 2. Literature Review Chapter 3:-
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When commercial and manufacturing aspects need to be rationalized, the regulatory affairs (RA) function must adopt a leadership role in cross functional projects, to ensure their companies are compliant in aspects ranging from notification of site changes and product branding to the transfer of marketing authorizations and harmonization of drug formulations. This article discusses the issues and potential pitfalls of which the RA professional should be aware, and explains the need to espouse a leadership position in such

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