The Impact Of Military Service Members Ptsd

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The Impact of Military Service Members PTSD Introduction Military work is complex and wide. The soldiers are normally deployed to wars during the war time or deployed to complex rescue missions whenever needed. This is in the belief that military personnel are the most robust trained personnel who can handle the toughest situations and conditions in life. However, for everything there exists a limit. This is because military personnel are normal human beings. They have humanity in them and military work is just a career. Consequently, they are affected by what they go through and their families too are affected just through a fact that they are associated with them. Consequently they experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after return from war or deadly rescue missions. The impacts are diverse, especially on their families and children. Therefore, it will be important to look at the impacts of military members PTSD such as marital problems, family violence, children behavioural problems, substance abuse, and mental health. This presentation gives an overview of the effect PTSD have on the military service members and the impact on the family. It also checks on a number of interventions that can be put in place to ensure that the military service personnel from service can safely adapt back into their normal lives, especially after retirement and integrate properly with family members. Target Audience This presentation mostly targets the families of the military
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