The Impact Of Minimum Wages On Society

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Impact of Society
This section I will be talking about how minimum wages can have impacts on society as well as if there are new laws coming into place to help the common person with a family. Also see if households are impacted by how much they are getting paid and see what companies are doing to help with those that are just making minimum wage.
Providing minimum wage to workers ensures that he or she will be able to provide for him or her, as well as the family his or she is taking care of. “The federal minimum wage is not tied to inflation or adjusted by region, and consequently, many adults earning minimum wage still fall below the federal poverty level” (Harvey). The minimum wage has actually dropped over the decades and if the minimum wage had kept up with inflation over the past forty years it would currently be $10.74, and not $7.25 according to the article. That being stated the significant numbers of minimum wages workers are adults whose income comprises 50% or more of their family’s income.
The impact of how much someone makes with their job can be a real impact in society in today’s world. Minimum wages in our society is what the government thinks the wage should be to allow a decent life, but does minimum wage actually support fair wages, or living wages? Many think that minimum wages is there for a reason and is the right amount. The problem is now is we see that people that are working for minimum wages may not get paid enough to support a family, in
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