The Impact Of Mobile Commerce On Grocery And General Merchandise Retailers

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Impact assessment of mobile commerce on grocery and general merchandise retailers
The advent of iOS and Android and the corresponding increased sale of devices supported by these mobile operating systems seems to be changing the landscape of the retail industry not only in the United Kingdom but worldwide. Such rapid changes in technology have opened doors to new start-ups which create applications or so called apps to leverage the user base of the iOS and Android platforms and allow the users to surf through a wide variety of products on their mobile phones or tablets and shop instantaneously. Mobile banking and other new methods of payment seem to have made shopping through such applications a seamless process.
Given such developments, a research in this regard which is able to quantify the extent of impact of mobile commerce on the grocery and general merchandise retailers would provide insights into the trend of change as well as assist the users of this research in deciding the future course of action to remain competitive in this new world.
Research Aim
The aim of this research is to provide a historical perspective as well as an understanding of the changing landscape so that the brick and mortar grocery and general merchandize retailers as well as those focusing on mobile commerce only can make changes to their business strategy in order to adapt and successfully transition through effective change management.
Research Objectives
The study has three…
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