The Impact Of Modern Day Cryptography On Society Today

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Cryptography has existed for centuries, however, before the creation of the computer it existed in a very primitive form. During World War I cryptography became an important focus in order to create secure messages that were not vulnerable to enemy capture. With the invention of the computer, it quickly became possible to create complex encryption schemes that are nearly impossible to attack. The beginnings of modern day cryptography can be traced back to the 1920s with the Enigma machine and the 1940s with the creation of electronic computers such as Colossus. The impact of modern day cryptography on society today is enormous. Our reliance on electronic communication and storage makes the use of strong cryptographic techniques important to keep our data safe from hackers and bad actors. However, encryption isn’t perfect and large organizations, such as the NSA, are actively trying to crack todays most complex algorithms in order to intercept traffic and decipher it. Cryptography has existed for centuries, however, compared to today’s methods, early forms of cryptography were trivial and could be cracked in seconds with today’s computer systems. A common method of early cryptography was the transposition cipher, which simply rearranges the letters of a word. The substitution cipher, another common method of cryptography, involves substituting a different letter for another letter or group of letters, thus “Hello” could become “zyssu”. Finally, another early cryptographic

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