The Impact Of Modern Digital Technology

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From the way we think, to the way we communicate to the way we shop, modern digital technology has influenced all aspects of our daily lives. Modern digital technology refers to social media, tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Unfortunately, the education industry has been slow in adjusting to this change. It’s time for educators to keep up with the new generation by implementing modern digital technology in the education system, as it will enhance a student’s learning, and help develop practical skills; opposed to the traditional model of education with minimum use of digital technology in learning.

The Student Perspective

Technology is an easily accessible platform for students to collaborate, and assists in the development of creativity and innovative ideas. Whether students are working together in-class or outside school, modern technology allows students to share ideas, resources, and work together simultaneously.

Teacher B elaborated most of her students are fond of Google Drive, and it is especially useful for group projects since students can work simultaneously on a report or a presentation, regardless of their location. She further explained it has helped improve the quality of work, especially for reports. She explained that students used to divide the contents of a report in half, then combine their proportions together once finished. This resulted in an inconsistency of tone, and writing structure. However, in the recent years she reported that Google has
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