The Impact Of Mongol Conquests

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As the Mongols expanded their nation through conquest, they were able to revive trade while cultivating the blend of new ideas and cultural traditions. Despite the positive attributes that the Mongols brought, the Mongol conquests also caused a great deal of destruction to the societies of Afro-Eurasia during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The barbaric violence used by the Mongols during these times contradicts the peace and prosperity they supposedly yearned for. The brutality of the Mongolian military resulted in a large drop of Afro-Eurasian population. Mongol invasions were extremely cruel to the extent where some cities were annihilated and entire populations extinguished. An anonymous author of The Secret History of the Mongols writes about the merciless Chinggis Khan and his gruesome warfare tactics he used on the Tangut peoples. The Mongolian ruler ordered Tangut cities to be destroyed and to have the women, children, and grandchildren all executed. (Doc. 1). This document provides insight to the extent of the impact of Mongol destruction, where cities like Tangut were completely destroyed. One would expect the author to glorify the Mongols by discussing the humane aspect of Mongol conquest, because this account was written for the Mongol royal family. However, an account like this might have been seen as satisfactory for the royal family, since the Mongols celebrated and encouraged horrendous atrocities. Russian monks from the city of Novgorod documents
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