The Impact Of Monsters In Literature And Literature

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Oziel Rios
English 1301.SP3
R. Bell
Monday, December 11, 2017
The Impact of Monsters in Literature and Films
Throughout generations, watching movies and reading novels have been some of the most popular forms of entertainment. Horror is among the most famous genres of film and literature since it is usually aimed at giving the audience a chilling or shocking experience. Monsters in such films and novels have long been objects of both fascination and fear. From intergalactic aliens to medieval dragons, the monster has always revealed people’s fascination with mystical beings and what it means to be human. The use of Monsters in films and literature captures the imagination and embodies the fears and concerns of their audiences.
Every culture has its way of representing mysterious situations and channel their intense fears and nightmares caused by such situations through the figure of a monster. The creation of monsters in horror films and literature varies on the writer’s perception of monsters and what various cultures find horrible and frighten. According to Bruce F. Kawin, author of Composite Monsters: Island of Lost Souls and The Fly, monsters in horror films provide individuals the opportunity to explore all forms of life from natural to unnatural. For instance, Kawin’s defines a monster to “an imaginary creature made up of the parts of two or more animals, one of which might be a human” (Kawin 99) Kawin braces monster’s definition by comparing the following
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