The Impact Of Motivation And Engagement On Employee

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Employee motivation and engagement is one of the key factors in achieving organizational goals and target. Employee motivation can be described as a psychological force that persistently drives a person to perform in an organization while engagement on the other hand, is satisfaction of employee on the arranged employment plan and loyalty to the organization. This study will critically examine the impact of motivation and engagement on employee using an organization which the Chief Executive Officer is considering reducing the individual bonuses of employee due to an unfavorable economic climate. The consideration is coming based on the present economic climate.
The study will make use of theories of motivation and engagement. At the end of the study, there will be recommendation and conclusion which will be drawn from the theoretical analysis.


The word motivation was derived from Latin words “mover” which simply means to move (Kretiner, 1998). Motivation is a predisposition to behave in purposeful manner to achieve certain unmet needs (Buford 1995). Moreover, motivation can also be described as a drive internally to satisfy unsatisfied needs (Higgins, 1994). Motivation is a psychological process that makes an employee behaves in a purposeful manner and direction (Kreitner, 1995). Robins (1993) defined motivation as willingness to put
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