The Impact Of Much Wildlife Is Dying Because Of Urbanization?

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Have you ever wondered how much wildlife is dying because of urbanization? No, you probably haven 't because although this is a very serious problem, not many people are talking about it. Everyone believes that it is so great that we have all these new, high-tech buildings, but nobody stops to think about how it is affecting the environment. Humans have caused irreparable damage so we do not know what we will be able to salvage for future generations. Although our activities, structures, and technologies improve our quality of life, they broadly influence local ecosystems and the Earth 's supply of natural resources. Recently, there have been many new establishments installed in rich wildlife areas. This strongly impacts the growth and…show more content…
For example, when a building uses an unreliable water system, it drains and wastes the water from lakes, rivers, and other water bodies. Buildings are responsible for not just a large percentage of the world’s water use, but a large percentage of wasted water as well. It is estimated that buildings use 13.6% of all potable water, which is around 15 trillion gallons of water per year. Buildings also use 41% of the world’s energy. The two other highest energy consumers do not even come close to that amount! A building’s heating and cooling system, lighting system and outlet use all contribute to determining how much energy is used. When a structure is planning to be built, the area needs to be cleared so that the structure will have a flat surface to be stand on. That piece of land may have been home to many important flowers, trees, and grass. If there happened to previously be a different building standing there, that building would have to be demolished. Building waste often includes concrete, metals, plastics, wood, glass, bricks, asphalt and more. This type of waste is then disposed into either landfills or incinerators. Not to mention the extreme methods of transportation that are required to transport such a huge load of trash. Garbage like this can damage the wildlife and cause land and air pollution. There are not many things in this world that money cannot buy, fresh air and beautiful scenery are just two of them so we need to protect nature for as
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