The Impact Of Music On The Heart Of New Orleans Essay

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Throughout history, the rise of cultures led to the rise of cultural difference, and those differences both separated people and brought people together. Every culture must choose whether they will allow their differences from other cultures to cause political unrest and war or collaboration and growth. While most people within almost every culture strives for peace, political and religious radicals cry out that deaths of infidels will lead to the greater good. But the sons and daughters of the mothers and fathers, and the brothers of the sisters and the husbands of the wives, taken from them fail to feel justified. Though, in spite of waves of cultural differences causing ebbs and flows of the rising and falling of war and peace, the cohesive effects of music seems to ignore cultural differences by giving them reasons to celebrate their commonalities. And the almost infinite number of sounds that creates the musical kaleidoscope of jazz perhaps best embodies music’s cohesive elements. Birthed in the heart of New Orleans in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the cultural impact of jazz influences the world like few other musical genres. Its commonality acts like a musical palette painting pictures of versatility among those influenced by it. That commonality brought jazz musicians Russell Scott (more commonly known as Russ Liquid) and Andrew Block, who met while touring with European DJ and producer Grammatik, together. On that tour, Liquid and Block discovered

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