The Impact Of New Social Media Technology On Young People

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The Impact of new social media technologies on young people OBSTRACT How the new social media technologies’ impacting on young people in today’s society? The study will examine the positive and negative impact of new media technologies on young people. It will explores on how new media technologies such as computer games, video games, face book, television, twitter, mobile phones, you tube, internet, television, whatsApp, Viber, Snap chat, and other modern technology are playing major role on everyday life in modern society. Introduction The word social media can be defined in many ways, social media are the platforms that enable the interactive website by engaging users to participate in, commenting on, and creating content as means of communicating with their social chart. Social media can also be defined as something that stands in between two things or people and facilitates interaction between them. For example computer, television, radio, mobile phones and etc. Kaplan and Heinlein (2010:61) Social change Young people today, like most previous generations, look for changing the world and make it better and more comfortable place in which to live (Griswold, 2012), they want to be contributor to peace, economic reforms, the development of public services and many others part of the society. For the young people, the best way to provide to these changes is through modern technology, (Wise & Brown, 1997. The thought that digital technology will deeply change
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