The Impact Of Nursing Care On Health Care Quality

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The Impact of Nursing Care on Health Care Quality
Tasha N. Herndon
Duquesne University
GPNG 525 Organizational and Clinical Leadership in Nursing and Healthcare
Carolyn Griffin
October 31, 2015

The Impact of Nursing Care on Health Care quality
Nurses are the primary caregivers in all health care settings. Nursing care is an essential part of patient care and delivered in many diverse settings. The quantity of nurses and their vital role in caregiving are compelling motives for determining their impact to patients’ experiences and outcomes. The degree of patient’s satisfaction with nursing care is an important indicator of the quality of care delivered in health care environments (Atallah, Hamdan-Mansour, Al-Sayed, & Aboshaiqah, 2013). The impact of nursing care on health care quality cannot be overlooked. In the paragraphs that follow to gain and offer a better understanding of the health care quality model, this author will: give a personal interpretation of health care quality, discuss health care trends in the United States and what makes an organization a high or low performing agency, describe how the main goal of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) affects nursing care, and address nursing responsibility to health care quality according to the American Nurses’ Association (ANA) Code of Ethics.
Significance of Health Care Quality Model
The term quality in health care is somewhat subjective and can be defined in many ways. Quality means diverse things to
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