The Impact Of Nursing Shortage On The Profession Of Nursing Essay

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The Impact of Nursing Shortage on the Profession of Nursing Kawanda Garner NUR 3805 Linda Loop, Professor University of Central Florida 11/13/2016 Abstract The nation has a growing concern for the shortage of skilled nurses in the United States. The growing need of qualified nursing professionals reflects the growth of the aging population. As the retirement of healthcare professionals increase the need for replacement isn’t moving at the same rate. The nursing shortage places demand on nurses to work long hours, multiple jobs and overtime, which places them at risk for nursing errors. There are many incentives that show the increasing need for nursing professional. There are many different scholarships, grants and tuition reimbursement programs being awarded to produce more nursing professionals. The nursing shortage has led to a nursing crisis in most states. In the following research I will discuss some key factors about of nursing shortage, some factors that have an impact of the shortage in the nursing profession, and some economic issues. I will discuss different legislative acts and what was concluded from my research. The Impact of the Nursing Shortage on the Profession of Nursing Nurses make up the single largest health profession in the U.S. Nurses perform many different patient care tasks and deliver critical health care services in many different settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, ambulatory care clinics, hospice, home health
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