The Impact Of Omari On A Culturally Competent Household

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Omari was raised in a culturally competent household, as a result of this, it has enabled him to experience multiple cultures his entire life. This is unique, because not many children are able to say they were raised in a household that was African American and Asian with the religious faiths of both Christianity and Muslim existing under the same roof. While the United States is becoming itself more culturally competent, it is uncertain how many families raise their children with this same understanding (Yan & Wong, 2005, pp. 181-188). Omari was able to learn in this environment and was given the opportunity to make decisions that benefited him, while still maintaining the support of his parents. Aside from religious and ethnic challenges he faced, being able to learn from what his parents experienced while they were growing up helped to shape the way he is today. Growing up in areas that were not ideal and moving to a better place, was one manner his parents were able to help ensure that he would be given better opportunities than they had. This allowed him to make the decision to leave his parents and join the military. Which, while rough, has given him his present situation. The most difficult part of Omari’s current situation has to do with his living environment. Which was once a desirable area, is now drug ridden due to the economic collapse. Omari still focuses on the positive of this aspect, that he has his parents support and close friends he grew up with. A…
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