The Impact Of Online Parent-Teacher Communication On Children

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What impact does online Parent-Teacher Communication have on Parental Involvement in Kindergarten? In the 21st century, the use of technology devices is consistently increasing along with the utilization of the internet whether in our personal lives or a school setting. The traditional parent-teacher communication has changed to a digital world and can be challenging at times for teachers and parents. This topic was derived from my classroom observations and conducting home visits with my students and their families. I thought about creating a classroom website, starting a parent committee to oversee different school related activities and events, and improving parent-teacher communication. The purpose of my research is to increase parent awareness and knowledge of involvement strategies to help increase overall involvement in the kindergarten classroom. Educators must implement different techniques and strategies in the classroom to increase parental involvement. Some parents have barriers that might prevent them from becoming involved in their child’s education. Many parents have other obligations such as full-time jobs and take care of their elderly relatives. According to Helgesen (2012), many parents have conflicting schedules and other commitments that will not allow them to attend school events or volunteer in the classroom. Educators must reach out to parents by implementing various strategies to increase parental involvement in the classroom. This action research
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