The Impact Of Online Social Media On Society

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The Impact of Online Social Media The influence of social online networks. This is a very controversial topic. Whether or not it is okay for everyone to use or not. Whether or not it has benefited or not any at all. So I am here to bring you truth. What are the influences of these media pages, and are social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and instagram a force for good or evil? What are the good influences of online social media? Not all people believe that social media is harmful to us. Some say that it is a good way to have positivity in your life. Employers use the Internet to find out everything they can about a potential worker. With social media the businesses/employer can connect with their specific customers for free,while spreading the word to other people about the business the only cost is energy and time. Photos and information online,when a person has their guard down can be more telling than anything a person writes on a resume, says in an interview or gets a reference to say. Its also a great way to meet people and be influenced by good people that can help and guide you places. It has not ever been easier to make friends than it is right now, mainly because of social networking sites. Just a few generations ago, it was pretty hard to connect with people, unless you were the really outgoing type that can make conversation with anyone at a party or get together. People can learn to be okay with their body image through social media, body
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